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The best flavours and spices from the best curry houses
this side of Calcutta.

There’s nothing like that mouth-watering smell as you enter your favourite curry house. Nothing quite hits the spot after a (responsible) few beers. It’s amazing how curry has virtually become our national dish of choice!

What we have for you here is a list of the best UK Curry Houses in one website cutting down on your search time to give you more time at the dinner table. These may not be your usual routes and addresses but some of the best food none-the-less.

Whether you are into a Dupiaza, Tikka Bhuna, Kashmiri, Tandoori Mixed Grill, Achari, Jalfrezi, Massala or a Murgh Vindaloo, we’ll have it covered in our new featured list of the best ‘local’ Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani curry houses in London.

Curry recipe’s seem to take twists and turns at every street corner and a Chicken Ceylon in one restaurant will be different to another. Different chef’s, slightly different ingredients and foods and spices sourced from different suppliers makes for a tantalising test for our taste buds.

We like what we like and that’s why we all have our favourite ‘different’ curry houses. Send in details of your favourite UK curry house and we’ll put it in our regional lists so everyone else can experience your personal special dishes. And while you’re about it, send in some of your family curry recipes and we’ll post them too!


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